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Appalachain Trail Hike Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster: Appalachian Trail Hike
(Designed by Janis Saperstein)

Welcome to Jesse's Appalachian Trail Hike Web Site!

At this web site, you can find out more about Jesse Saperstein, the man who will hike the Appalachian Trail beginning on March 9th, 2005 to raise funds for the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation, based in Staten Island, NY as well as to promote AIDS Awareness.

This web site is split into seven major subfields, which are the following:

  • About Jesse - This part of the site gives a short biography of the Pleasant Valley, NY native who is willing to devote his first post-collegiate year to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail for The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation. He will start the hike on March 9, 2005 in Georgia and will end in Maine sometime in the autumn months (September/October), at the latest.

  • About The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation - The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation, located in Staten Island, NY, is a non-profit organization (501 (c) 3) devoted to promoting awareness about HIV/AIDS. The organization runs Camp TLC (Teens Living a Challenge) for inner-city teens ages 13 - 19 with HIV/AIDS during the summer and coordinates presentations on AIDS education and prevention.

  • Donate - Make a donation! Your donations will go to help participants of Camp T.L.C., a week-long summer camp run by the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation to give teens a place to enjoy who have HIV/AIDS. At this camp, participants do not have to live in fear of their disease, but can meet peers who have the same problem that they do, form friendships and bonds with others, and have a great time in a safe environment. Please check out Camp TLC's web page by clicking here.

  • Online Resources - This page provides online resources on HIV/AIDS, as well as books that cover the subject. If you are not too familiar with the disease, its history, or its implications, this is a great place to start to inform yourself. As a society, we have come a long way since the early 1980's, which was the time the disease was first discovered, but we have a long way to go with regard to research and public health education.

  • Media Center - If you are a member of the media and want more information on Jesse, his hike, or the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation, you can find downloadable information here. We also have contact information if you are interested in interviewing Jesse or a member of the foundation.

  • AT Photo Gallery - Jesse, through use of his cellular phone with camera capabilities, and his T-Mobile SideKick, can send us digital photos of his experiences on the trail. If you are interested in seeing what he experiences first-hand on the trail, this is a great way to check it out.

  • Jesse's Trail Journal (Blog) - Through the miracle of a T-Mobile SideKick, Jesse will be periodically e-mailing us updates of his life on the trail, detailling his experiences and sights he has seen. We hope that by sharing his experiences, we can interest individuals to donate to the cause, and allow people to find out how much progress he is making. It will also most likely serve as plans for a future book.

Name That Bear Contest
Jesse with his hiking gear
Caption: Jesse poses proudly with his hiking gear
(Lee Ferris/The Poughkeepsie Journal)

Jesse with his hiking gear
Poster: "Camp TLC: Step Up To The Challenge"
(Designed by Janis Saperstein)

Inspirational Words
Determined Hiker: A Sonnet
By Dena Saperstein

Walking from Springer Mountain in Georgia,
Heíll end up at Mount Katahdin in Maine.
But, heíll have accomplished much more than a
Hike. Such a great thing that I canít refrain
From mentioning. He will be providing
Happiness to many children and teens.
For a while they will be smiling-
No worries about people being mean.
Heís made such a wonderful commitment
For such a cause and for this foundation.
Heíll make it though because heís Insistent.
Even though tough at times, it must be fun.
If heís unable to finish the trail,
Just remember this: he will not have failed!

                                      Jesse's Hike: A Poem
By Glen Norton

A friend that I hold
Close to my heart
Has decided that he
Is taking part

For a cause he feels
He must support
He will hike the trail
But not for sport

For something greater
Than you or I
He will brave the lengths
Of miles and miles

He will sacrifice
To show his devotion
To his friend's foundation
A most righteous notion

I wish him success
In such a dangerous endeavor
I am sure he'll be blessed
For he is witty and clever

An incredible person
He has been and will be
I want only to say
I'm your friend always, Jesse!

The Appalachian Trail Conference
The Appalachian Trail Conference
Joey DiPaulo AIDS Foundation
The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation
United Nations AIDS/HIV Initative
United Nations AIDS/HIV Initative

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