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Appalachain Trail Hike Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster: Appalachian Trail Hike
(Designed by Janis Saperstein)
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To make a donation to "stop AIDS dead in its tracks," you can do one of the following:

U.S. Postal Mail

You can mail the Joey DiPaolo Foundation a check of the monetary denomination of your choice by sending a check or money order in U.S. Dollars to:

The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation
P.O. Box 120204
Staten Island, NY 10312-0204

Please add a note to confirm you would like to sponsor "Jesse's AT Hike." We can only accept funds drawn from United States banks only.

For more information you can also e-mail the foundation at info@jdaf.org.

PayPal and Amazon.com Honor System (Online Donations)

You can make a donation via PayPal. PayPal, a partner company of eBay, is 100% secure and accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Click on the link below to make your donation.

Similarly, you can use Amazon.com Honor System, which collects payments with a secure connection. If you don't like using PayPal for online donations, this is a great alternative -- and they have a seven-day refundable policy.

Note: You can be assured that your transaction will be secure. PayPal and Amazon.com use 128-bit encryption -- the type that online banking web sites use, so your payment is guaranteed safe.

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The Appalachian Trail Conference
Joey DiPaulo AIDS Foundation
The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation
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United Nations AIDS/HIV Initative

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