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For those who are not familiar with AIDS/HIV, we have provided internet resources to allow you to read up on treatments that are being developed, as well as studies being done at leading universities in the world.

While there is no immediate cure for AIDS, we have come a long way since the early 1980's, when AIDS was first documented. The best cure for AIDS at the moment is prevention through education initatives. Notably, the Kaiser Family Foundation has teamed up with Viacom (parent company of CBS, Paramount Pictures, and MTV Networks) to run public service announcements on AIDS and the growing epidemic.

Frequently Asked Questions About AIDS from the Joey DiPaolo Foundation -- The JDAF provides a basic overview on AIDS, how it is contracted, how it is spread, and what can be done to prevent AIDS. This page is worth a read if you simply want a general idea of what AIDS is and how it has become prevalent.

United Nations (UN) AIDS Programme -- This site provides information on how the United Nations is responding to this global epidemic via fundraising and research. As AIDS is a global issue, they provide statistics broken down by country, as well as international initatives being undertaken to combat AIDS and reduce deaths among populations.

Johns Hopkins University AIDS Service -- Run by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, this site provides information on research that is being done at their clinic by experts in the field, as well as publications produced via case studies. There is also a good list of additional resources for both scholars and researchers alike.

National Institute of Health: AIDSINFO -- Run jointly by the National Institute of Health, the Department of Health & Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control, this site provides a topical overview of AIDS, symptoms, and treatments available.

World AIDS Day Official Web Site -- Gives information on the annual day earmarked for awareness of AIDS, December 1st. This site provides information on awareness programs, programs on safe sex, and stories from individuals who suffer from AIDS/HIV and how they have managed to go beyond their diagnosis and live productive, meaningful lives. There are also stories from individuals who have friends or family members who suffer from AIDS and how the disease has changed their lease on life.

The AIDS Memorial Quilt -- The AIDS Memorial Quilt is a hallmark of AIDS awarness around the world. Individuals who suffer from AIDS, as well as family and friends of those who suffer from HIV/AIDS have contributed to the quilt. The quilt is meant to raise funds for AIDS research as well as provide awareness of the disease.

HIVInSite @ University of California/San Francisco -- This site provides articles and scholarly research on AIDS/HIV, as well as up-to-date information on new studies performed and the development of new treatments. Everything from information about prevention, policy studies on funds for AIDS research and allocation of funds to provide additional research/studies, and information on new treatments being developed.

Harvard University Institute of Public Health: AIDS Initative -- This site, hosted by Harvard University's Institute of Public Health, provides information on the epidemic, as well as scientific research being conducted to find a cure. There is also a list of publications produced on new treatments and research, as well as a list of conferences attended by scholars around the world to discuss AIDS research and present their repective research findings.

The Appalachian Trail Conference
The Appalachian Trail Conference
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The Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation
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United Nations AIDS/HIV Initative

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